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a dot or other punctuation mark;

a fact or situation as evidence of something;

the tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon

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dot, spot, point
dot, spot, point

boiling point
boiling point

focus; focal point
focal point

hot spot; point of special interest
hot spot
point of special interest

starting point; point of departure
starting point
point of departure

destination; final point
final point

critical point; breakthrough point; point of transition
critical point
breakthrough point
point of transition

apex; acme; climax; zenith; the top or highest point
the top or highest point

merit; strong point; good qualities; worthy qualities
strong point
good qualities
worthy qualities

strong point; special ability; personal strength
strong point
special ability
personal strength

to score; get points
to score
get points

on the point of; close to, near to
on the point of
close to, near to

dying; moribund; on the point of death
on the point of death

turning point; favorable juncture; critical point of time
turning point
favorable juncture
critical point of time

turning point; a favorable turn from bad to good
turning point
a favorable turn
(from bad to good)

Crisis is Opportunity; The crisis is the turning point
Crisis is Opportunity.
The crisis is the turning point.

key factor; crucial point
key factor
crucial point

purport, purpose; implication, point, aim
purport, purpose
implication, point, aim

finger; point out
point out

to aim; point a weapon or camera at a target
to aim
point a weapon or camera at a target

opinion; point of view
point of view

viewpoint; point of view
point of view

angle; viewpoint; point of view
point of view

attitude; one's point of view
one's point of view

brief and clear; terse and to the point
brief and clear
terse and to the point

trick; knack; secret of success; key points to something
secret of success
key points to something

a stop, station; a service point
a stop, station
a service point

an item, an point; an end, extremity
an item, an point
an end, extremity

sharp point of lance; cutting edge of sword
sharp point of lance
cutting edge of sword

the point of a knife
the point of a knife

climax; summit; the highest point
the highest point

high tide; climax; culminating point
high tide
culminating point

cave, den, hole; acupuncture point
cave, den, hole
acupuncture point

acupoints; puncture points; acupuncture points
puncture points
acupuncture points

deficient; a fault, weak point
a fault, weak point

to lead, guide; the main points
to lead, guide
the main points

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