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the state or quality of being perfect;
the action or process of improving something until it is faultless

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complete; satisfactory; come to perfection; perfect and successful; end in a satisfactory way; bring to a successful close
come to perfection
perfect and successful
end in a satisfactory way
bring to a successful close

perfectly satisfactory; happy and sweet; conjugal happiness; joy and happiness of life, family, home
perfectly satisfactory
happy and sweet
conjugal happiness
joy and happiness
(of life, family, home)

perfectly satisfactory, acme of perfection, very perfection of beauty, good and beautiful perfectly
perfectly satisfactory
acme of perfection
very perfection of beauty
good and beautiful perfectly

acme of perfection; well done to perfection; satisfactory and perfect; perfect in every respect
acme of perfection
well done to perfection
satisfactory and perfect
perfect in every respect

surefire; failure-proof; no risk at all; extremely safe; perfectly sound
no risk at all
extremely safe
perfectly sound

reach the peak of perfection, achieve the highest attainments, attain the summit of achievement
reach the peak of perfection
achieve the highest attainments
attain the summit of achievement

next to perfection; excellent and perfect; reach a very high level
next to perfection
excellent and perfect
reach a very high level
(metaphorical writing)

utmost perfection; acme of perfection; reach utmost perfection
utmost perfection
acme of perfection
reach utmost perfection

Diamond Sutra, a sutra from the Perfection of Wisdom genre
Diamond Sutra
a sutra from the Perfection of Wisdom genre,
and emphasizes the practice of
non-abiding and non-attachment

flawless, faultless, without any imperfections or defects
without any imperfections or defects

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