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a rounded mass projecting above a surface

hill, hillock, mound, grave

mound, hill, foothills, mausoleum, imperial tomb
mound, hill, foothills
mausoleum, imperial tomb

a mound; abundant
a mound

mound, hillock, sentry post, guard, sentinel, job, position
mound, hillock
sentry post
guard, sentinel
job, position

a mound in a field
a mound in a field

earth dike, strip of high ground, long, narrow mound, low bank of earth between fields
earth dike
strip of high ground
long, narrow mound
low bank of earth between fields

a mound; block of stone
a mound
block of stone

mound, ruins; old burial grounds; a big earth mound
mound, ruins
old burial grounds
a big earth mound

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