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migrate, migration
move from one region or habitat
to another according to the seasons;

seasonal movement of animals from one region to another

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move, migrate; change, transfer
to move, migrate
to change, transfer

to migrate; move one's abode; change one's residence
to migrate
move one's abode
change one's residence

to move; migrate; change residence
to move
to migrate
change residence

migratory bird; bird of passage
migratory bird
bird of passage

vagrant bird; migratory bird; bird of passage; lonesome traveler
vagrant bird
migratory bird
bird of passage
lonesome traveler

traveler; a person who is traveling; one who lives far away from home
a person who is traveling
one who lives far away from home

fish migration; migration of fishes
fish migration
migration of fishes


rainbow trout
rainbow trout

emigrate, emigrant; immigrate, immigrant
emigrate, emigrant
immigrate, immigrant

covered wagon spread west with American migration
covered wagon
(The covered wagons spread west
with American migration.)

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