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giving or showing firm and constant support
or allegiance to a person or institution

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loyal, devotion, moral integrity, pure and chaste, chaste and undefiled
loyal, devotion
moral integrity
pure and chaste
chaste and undefiled

faithful and truthful, loyal and steadfast, loyal and dependable
faithful and truthful
loyal and steadfast
loyal and dependable

loyal, faithful, devoted
loyal, faithful, devoted

faithful; loyal; truthful; true-hearted; unswerving adherence; firm and constant support
unswerving adherence
firm and constant support

loyal and brave; loyalty and bravery; loyal and courageous
loyal and brave
loyalty and bravery
loyal and courageous

loyal and righteous, faithful and virtuous, loyalty and righteousness
loyal and righteous
faithful and virtuous
loyalty and righteousness

fealty, loyalty, loyal to, allegiance; pledge loyalty to; vow loyalty and devotion to; devote oneself heart and soul; loyalty or commitment to a superior
loyal to
pledge loyalty to
vow loyalty and devotion to
devote oneself heart and soul
loyalty or commitment to a superior

abide by, stand by, remain loyal to, keep a promise, continue good deeds, faithful to one's promise
abide by
stand by
remain loyal to
keep a promise
continue good deeds
faithful to one's promise

stay together; rely on one another; loyal to one another, especially in times of trouble
stay together
rely on one another
loyal to one another,
especially in times of trouble

faithful; head over heels; faithful in a relationship
head over heels
faithful in a relationship

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