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to continue to be alive;

make one's home in a particular place;

to spend your life in a particular way;

broadcast, recorded, or seen of a performance while it is happening

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to live; be alive
to live
be alive

life; live life; dwell in; livelihood; daily life
live life
daily life

new life; start a new life
new life
start a new life


life force; vital principle; vitality and strength
life force
vital principle
vitality and strength

life and death; live or die
life and death
live or die

mortal world; secular world
mortal world
secular world

immortal; eternal life; live forever
eternal life
live forever

coexist; coexistent; coexistence; living in harmony
to coexist
living in harmony

run for one's life; flee for one's life
run for one's life
flee for one's life

cat with nine lives; a die-hard person; a person who survived all the time
cat with nine lives
a die-hard person
a person who survived all the time

age; person's age
person's age

age; one's time of life
one's time of life

to live; reside; lodge
to live
to reside
to lodge

resident; habitant; inhabitant

live abroad; one who lives abroad
live abroad
one who lives abroad

to reside; dwell; inhabit; live at; situated at; a residence
to reside
to dwell
to inhabit
live at
situated at
a residence

settle down; live peacefully; live in peace
settle down
live peacefully
live in peace

exist, existence; live, especially under adverse conditions
to exist
live, especially under adverse conditions

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