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Chinese words for Animals, Beasts, Pets


Lion King; king of lion
Lion King
king of lion

lion roaring, roar of a lion
lion roaring
roar of a lion

lion, male lion, mighty lion
male lion
mighty lion

lioness, female lion
female lion

snow lion
snow lion

lion dance
lion dance

stone lions; stone carving lions; Foo Dog; Chinese guardian lions
stone lions
stone carving lions
Foo Dog
Chinese guardian lions

streak, stripe of tiger, Liger, a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger
streak, stripe of tiger
(a hybrid cross between
a male lion and a female tiger)

Pixiu, winged lion, mythical auspicious beast, a Chinese mythical hybrid creature
winged lion
mythical auspicious beast

lionhearted; brave and fierce; full of valor and vigor
brave and fierce
full of valor and vigor

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