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toilsome, laborious, suffering
toilsome, laborious, suffering

work hard, toilsome, laborious, painstaking, hard-working
work hard

bitter, pain, suffering; painful, laborious, miserable
bitter, pain, suffering
painful, laborious, miserable

trouble taken, painstaking efforts, laborious at pains
trouble taken
painstaking efforts
laborious at pains

hard work, arduous effort, laborious effort, painstaking efforts
hard work
arduous effort
laborious effort
painstaking efforts

After suffering comes happiness, Sweet are the fruits of labor, Luck turns after hardship, Sweet are the uses of adversity, When bitterness is finished, sweetness begins
After suffering comes happiness.
Sweet are the fruits of labor.
Luck turns after hardship.
Sweet are the uses of adversity.
When bitterness is finished, sweetness begins.

difficult, laborious, toilsome
difficult, laborious, toilsome

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