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enamored of; infatuated with; blind love with; have a crush on; yearn madly for
enamored of
infatuated with
blind love with
have a crush on
yearn madly for

linger on; hold addicted; stay fascinated; infatuated with; sentimentally attached to
linger on
hold addicted
stay fascinated
infatuated with
sentimentally attached to

madly in love; passionately in love; head over heels in love; infatuatedly with someone
madly in love
passionately in love
head over heels in love
infatuatedly with someone

silly, idiotic, foolish, infatuation, blind love, silly wish
silly, idiotic, foolish

idiotic, silly, foolish, infatuated, obsessed, infatuation, unreasoning passion
infatuated, obsessed
infatuation, unreasoning passion

spoony; infatuation; passion of love; foolishly amorous; unreasoning passion
passion of love
foolishly amorous
unreasoning passion

drunk, intoxicated, tipsy
charmed, infatuated


revel in; drunk with; infatuated with; enchanted with; enjoy oneself in
revel in
drunk with
infatuated with
enchanted with
enjoy oneself in

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