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strike a target;

bring one's hand or a tool or weapon
into contact with someone or something
quickly and forcefully

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hit, smash; beat, strike; fight, attack
to hit, smash
to beat, strike
to fight, attack

home run in baseball
home run

a slugger; a strong hitter in baseball game
a slugger
a strong hitter in baseball game

beat, hit, strike
to beat, hit, strike

hit back; fight back; strike back; counter-attack; counter an assault; attack in response
hit back
fight back
strike back
counter an assault
attack in response

hit, fit for
to hit
fit for

to pat, clap; hit with palm
to pat, clap
hit with palm

hit, bump; collide with; strike with force
to hit, bump
collide with
strike with force

to grind, pestle; hit, beat; beat a drum
to grind
to pestle
to hit
to beat
beat a drum

to knock; hit, beat, strike
to knock
to hit, beat, strike

hit, beat up
to hit
beat up

hit, bash, beat up, pummel; strike with the fists
to hit, bash
beat up
strike with the fists

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