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of great vertical extent;
great, or greater than normal, in quantity, size, or intensity

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tall, high; above, superior
tall, high
above, superior

acrophobia, fear of heights; abnormal or pathological dread of being in a high place
fear of heights
abnormal or pathological dread
of being in a high place

lofty; noble; sublime; eminent; showing high moral principles
showing high moral principles

high, lofty, imposing; to exalt, esteem, worship
high, lofty, imposing
to exalt, esteem, worship

highly praise; hold in high esteem
highly praise
hold in high esteem

lofty; high, towering
high, towering

sky scraping; towering into the sky
sky scraping
towering into the sky

high aims; lofty aims; lofty ambitions; great ambitions; exalted ambition; high aspirations
high aims
lofty aims
lofty ambitions
great ambitions
exalted ambition
high aspirations

high; haughty; extreme; excessive

high, soaring; lofty and proud
high, soaring
lofty and proud

elated; high-spirited; happy and proud; ecstatically happy; energetic and happy; lively and cheerful in mood
happy and proud
ecstatically happy
energetic and happy
lively and cheerful in mood

lofty, high, towering
lofty, high, towering

lofty, high and erect
lofty, high and erect

high, great, steep, cliffy; harsh, severe, stern
high, great, steep, cliffy
harsh, severe, stern

precipitous; high and steep
high and steep

ranges of hills; high and steep of mountains
ranges of hills
high and steep

stand erect; high and steep; towering like a mountain
stand erect
high and steep
towering like a mountain

superior; superiority; supercilious; superior to others
superior to others

lofty peak; rising high above others
lofty peak
rising high above others

peak, high mountain
peak, high mountain

rock, crag; high and steep cliff
rock, crag
high and steep cliff

mansion; tall building; high building
tall building
high building

flat top; high with the top part flat
flat top
high with the top part flat

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