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help (1-character)

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help (Chinese words)

help; aid; assist
to help
to aid
to assist

to help
to help

to support, assist; help, aid; praise, commend
to support, assist
to help, aid
to praise, commend

aid, help, rescue; reinforcement
aid, help, rescue

help by the arm; support with hand
help by the arm
support with hand

divine help
divine help

to assist

to give, aid, relieve and help
to give, aid, relieve and help

to help, relieve; give aid and relief; to pity, sympathize
to help, relieve
give aid and relief
to pity, sympathize

flying; help, assist; reverence, respectful
to help, assist
reverence, respectful

wing, flank; to assist, help; to protect, harbor
wing, flank
to assist, help
to protect, harbor

chivalry; chivalrous person; help the poor and weak
chivalrous person
help the poor and weak

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