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good (1-character)

good (Chinese words)

virtuous, virtue, good, goodness
virtuous, virtue
good, goodness

good-hearted, kindhearted, kind and friendly, goodness and virtue
kind and friendly
goodness and virtue

subtle and kind; nice and cordial; wonderful goodness; ingenious and friendly
subtle and kind
nice and cordial
wonderful goodness
ingenious and friendly

supreme good; summum bonum; highest level of virtue
supreme good
summum bonum
highest level of virtue

follow virtue; focus on virtue; towards goodness; devoted to benevolence
follow virtue
focus on virtue
towards goodness
devoted to benevolence

nice and good; fair and exquisite; fine and beautiful; happy and glorious
nice and good
fair and exquisite
fine and beautiful
happy and glorious

virtue, goodness, moral excellence
moral excellence

legacy of love from one who passed away; leave the goodness to the world after one's death
legacy of love from one who passed away.
leave the goodness to the world after one's death.

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