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free from anxiety

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freely; comfortable; unrestrained; unrestricted; as one wishes; at ease with oneself
as one wishes
at ease with oneself

stop worrying; feel relieved; free from anxiety; feel easy in mind; set one's mind at ease
stop worrying
feel relieved
free from anxiety
feel easy in mind
set one's mind at ease

carefree; feel at ease; peace of mind; free from anxiety; calmness of emotion
feel at ease
peace of mind
free from anxiety
calmness of emotion

safe and sound; tranquil and peace
safe and sound
tranquil and peace

carefree, happy-go-lucky, free and unconstrained, free from anxiety or responsibility
free and unconstrained
free from anxiety or responsibility

free and easy; free from vulgarity; cool and composed; philosophical about life
free and easy
free from vulgarity
cool and composed
philosophical about life

free from anxiety, in a happy mood, with ease of mind, happy and comfortable, entirely free from worry
free from anxiety
in a happy mood
with ease of mind
happy and comfortable
entirely free from worry

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