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forever (Chinese idiom)

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forever (Chinese words)

lovers forever; everlasting and unchanging; enduring as the universe
lovers forever
everlasting and unchanging
enduring as the universe

Hearts united together forever; May you always Be of one heart; Keep true lover's knot forever
Hearts united together forever.
May you always Be of one heart.
Keep true lover's knot forever.

forever in my heart
forever in my heart

love you forever
love you forever

forever in love; Bathe in a river of love forever; May you two always be in love
forever in love
Bathe in a river of love forever.
May you two always be in love!

Youth forever; Forever young; Stay young forever; Never grows old
Youth forever
Forever young
Stay young forever
Never grows old

never-ending; lasting ever and ever forever; from everlasting to everlasting
lasting ever and ever forever
from everlasting to everlasting

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