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lacking good sense or judgement

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foolish, stupid; to fool, make a fool of
foolish, stupid
to fool
make a fool of

April Fools' Day
April Fools' Day

silly, foolish

foolish, stupid, dull, slow-witted
foolish, stupid
dull, slow-witted

dull, foolish, clumsy
dull, foolish

idiotic, silly, foolish; infatuated, obsessed; infatuation, unreasoning passion
idiotic, silly, foolish
infatuated, obsessed
infatuation, unreasoning passion

foolishly amorous; unreasoning passion; sentimentally or foolishly amorous
foolishly amorous
unreasoning passion
sentimentally or foolishly amorous

silly, idiotic, foolish; infatuation, blind love, silly wish
silly, idiotic, foolish
infatuation, blind love, silly wish

a fool; stupid, silly, foolish, idiotic
a fool
stupid, silly
foolish, idiotic

turbid, muddy; chaotic, confused; foolish, unsophisticated
turbid, muddy
chaotic, confused
foolish, unsophisticated

stupid, idiotic, foolish; decayed, rotten, spoiled, soured
stupid, idiotic, foolish
decayed, rotten, spoiled, soured

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