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feed, give food to
to feed
give food to

feed, rear, bread
to feed
to rear, bread

feeding animal; raising animal; to rear, breed pet, animal
feeding animal
raising animal
to rear, breed
(pet, animal)

fodder, forage; pet food; feeding stuffs
pet food
feeding stuffs

picky eater; fussy eater; food neophobia; ill-balanced feeding
picky eater
fussy eater
food neophobia
ill-balanced feeding

domesticated animals; feed animals with grains
domesticated animals
feed animals with grains

to eat, to feed
to eat
to feed

to feed, to nurse, chew before swallowing
to feed
to nurse
chew before swallowing

to nurse; breastfeed; breastfeeding; suckle one's young; feed a baby at the breast; feed a baby with milk from the breast
to nurse
to breastfeed
suckle one's young
feed a baby at the breast
feed a baby with milk from the breast


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