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come or go into;
begin to be involved in

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enter; into


deep meditation; entering samadhi
deep meditation
entering samadhi

into the dream; appear in one's dream
into the dream
appear in one's dream

gradually entering blissful circumstances
gradually entering blissful circumstances

enter, get in
to enter, get in

enter; get into
to enter
get into

entrance ticket; admission ticket
entrance ticket
admission ticket

entry barrier; qualification to enter
entry barrier
qualification to enter

to join; enter; take part in; get involved in
to join
to enter
take part in
get involved in

wonderful serendipity; relationship entered unexpectedly
wonderful serendipity
relationship entered unexpectedly

enter upon; engage in
enter upon
engage in

to register; enter one's name
to register
enter one's name

to register; enter an official list
to register
enter an official list

visa; an endorsement on a passport allowed to enter a country
an endorsement on a passport
allowed to enter a country

to enter; advance; promote
to enter
to advance
to promote

serve the government; enter government service
serve the government
enter government service

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