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end (1-character)

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end (Chinese words)

the end, conclusion; finally, at last
the end, conclusion
finally, at last

to end, conclude; to form, congeal
to end, conclude
to form, congeal

to end, prohibit; stop, cease, halt
to end, prohibit
to stop, cease, halt

to end, stop
to end, stop

tip, end; last, final
tip, end
last, final

tip of branch; thin end of a twig
tip of branch
thin end of a twig

bottom; the end; the base
the end
the base

to end, finish
to end, finish

to end; to finish; to die
to end
to finish
to die

death; to die; to end
to die
to end

limit, end; border, margin; horizon, shore
limit, end
border, margin
horizon, shore

late, towards the end; evening, dusk, sunset
late, towards the end
evening, dusk, sunset

end, extremely, thoroughly; poor, destitute
end, extremely, thoroughly
poor, destitute

to end, dismiss; finish, complete; cease, stop, quit
to end, dismiss
to finish, complete
to cease, stop, quit

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