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form a circle around; surround

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a circle; a loop; to encircle
a circle
a loop
to encircle

to encircle, enclose, surround, besiege
to encircle
to enclose
to surround
to besiege

besiege a city, encircle a city, lay siege to a city; a besieged city, a beleaguered city
besiege a city
encircle a city
lay siege to a city
a besieged city
a beleaguered city

to surround, encircle, go around
to surround, encircle
to go around

ring, loop, around, surrounding, to encircle, surround
ring, loop
around, surrounding
to encircle, surround

encircle; surround; circle around; revolve around
to encircle
to surround
circle around
revolve around

encircle, surround, go round, a circle, a circumference
to encircle
to surround
go round
a circle
a circumference

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