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containing nothing;
remove all the contents of a container

empty, hollow, vacant, unoccupied, in vain, sunyata, non-existent in Buddhism
empty, hollow
vacant, unoccupied
in vain
sunyata, non-existent in Buddhism

empty, void, hollow
empty, void, hollow

void, hollow, emptiness, vacant space
vacant space

Everything visible is empty
Everything visible is empty.
(Buddhist concept)

void of vanities; sensuous world is illusory; all space-directions are void; all physical existence is vanity; indifferent to all worldly temptations in Buddhism
void of vanities
sensuous world is illusory
all space-directions are void
all physical existence is vanity
indifferent to all worldly temptations

to empty; pour out
to empty
pour out

to empty; exhaust; use up
to empty
to exhaust
use up

Cheers, kanpai, wassail, drink a toast, emptying of the drink
to wassail
drink a toast
(emptying of the drink)

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