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without interruption;
forming an unbroken whole

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continuous; continue, join, connect
to continue
to join, connect

continuous, successive, sequential, seriate

follow out; carry through; put into effect; go through with; complete something
follow out
carry through
put into effect
go through with
complete something

soft, downy; incessant, continuous, everlasting
soft, downy
incessant, continuous, everlasting

constant, permanent; lasting, continually
constant, permanent
lasting, continually

perseverance; persevering willpower; constancy of purpose; continued effort and determination
persevering willpower
constancy of purpose
continued effort and determination

always and forever; continuously and infinite time into the future
always and forever
continuously and infinite time into the future

to circulate; move continuously through a closed system
to circulate
move continuously through a closed system

follow, go along; successive, continuous
to follow, go along
successive, continuous

continuous; beautiful, excellent, harmonious
beautiful, excellent, harmonious

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