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ease the grief or distress of;
physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint

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to comfort, console; feel relieved; to pacify, soothe
to comfort
to console
feel relieved
to pacify, soothe

to console; comfort; soothe
to console
to comfort
to soothe

gratified, comforting, relieved and gratified
relieved and gratified

bring comfort to; touch gently with hand
bring comfort to
touch gently with hand

comfort and pleasure, peace and happiness, pleased and comfortable
comfort and pleasure
peace and happiness
pleased and comfortable

enjoy; relish; possess and benefit from; take delight or pleasure in; enjoyment of ease and comfort
to enjoy
to relish
possess and benefit from
take delight or pleasure in
enjoyment of ease and comfort

live comfortably; enjoy the blessing; live in ease and comfort; enjoy life in comfort and happiness
live comfortably
enjoy the blessing
live in ease and comfort
enjoy life in comfort and happiness

enjoy the happiness; live a life of pleasure; indulge in creature comforts; enjoyments of material comforts
enjoy the happiness
live a life of pleasure
indulge in creature comforts
enjoyments of material comforts

comfort and pleasure; leisure and happiness; enjoyment of an easy life
comfort and pleasure
leisure and happiness
enjoyment of an easy life

snug den; cosy nest; love nest; a place of ease and comfort
snug den
cosy nest
love nest
a place of ease and comfort

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