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free from anxiety or responsibility;
having no worries, problems, or anxieties

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carefree; free and unfettered; leisurely and carefree
free and unfettered
leisurely and carefree

carefree, unbridled; do as one pleases
carefree, unbridled
do as one pleases

do as one pleases; as much as one likes; revel to one's content; give free rein to passion; indulge oneself in passion
do as one pleases
as much as one likes
revel to one's content
give free rein to passion
indulge oneself in passion

carefree; happy-go-lucky; free and unconstrained
free and unconstrained

leisurely and carefree; in a relaxed and reposeful manner
leisurely and carefree
in a relaxed and reposeful manner

at will; arbitrarily; do as one pleases
at will
do as one pleases

uninhibited; unrestrained; untrammelled; unselfconsciously; without restraint; not trammeled
without restraint
not trammeled

frivolous; facetious; waggishly frivolous; carefree and superficial; thoughtless and carefree
waggishly frivolous
carefree and superficial
thoughtless and carefree

carefree; feel at ease; peace of mind; free from anxiety; calmness of emotion
feel at ease
peace of mind
free from anxiety
calmness of emotion

peaceful and easy; leisurely and carefree; quiet and comfortable
peaceful and easy
leisurely and carefree
quiet and comfortable

carefree; spiritually elevated; pleasant and delightful; cheerful and exuberant
spiritually elevated
pleasant and delightful
cheerful and exuberant

no taboo; unrestrained; without restriction; reckless and carefree
no taboo
without restriction
reckless and carefree

happy-go-lucky; without sorrow and anxiety; carefree and without worries
without sorrow and anxiety
carefree and without worries

peacefully and leisurely; leisurely and carefree mood; easy and interesting life; pleasures of a leisurely life
peacefully and leisurely
leisurely and carefree mood
easy and interesting life
pleasures of a leisurely life

free and easy; take one's ease; leisurely and carefree; free and unrestrained
free and easy
take one's ease
leisurely and carefree
free and unrestrained

leave the matter as it is; take the world as it is; let nature take its own course
leave the matter as it is
take the world as it is
let nature take its own course

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