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(multi-character Chinese words)

ready to face and endure danger or pain

brave (see 1-character Chinese symbols)

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brave; valiant; courageous; brave and resourceful
brave and resourceful

daring; decisive and brave; resolute and courageous; determined and adventurous
decisive and brave
resolute and courageous
determined and adventurous

loyal and brave; loyalty and bravery; loyal and courageous
loyal and brave
loyalty and bravery
loyal and courageous

the brave; brave person; courageous person
the brave
brave person
courageous person

brave fighter; brave warrior; brave person; one who knows no fear
brave fighter
brave warrior
brave person
one who knows no fear

brave man; heroic man; man of stout heart
brave man
heroic man
man of stout heart

warrior; fighter; soldier; a brave or experienced soldier or fighter
a brave or experienced soldier or fighter

brave man; tough guy; courageous man; doughty warrior
brave man
tough guy
courageous man
doughty warrior

doughty warriors; good brave fellows
doughty warriors
good brave fellows

real man; brave man; manly man
real man
brave man
manly man

brave; heroic; valiant; courageous

extraordinarily brave; superhuman bravery
extraordinarily brave
superhuman bravery

advance bravely; march forward courageously
advance bravely
march forward courageously

act bravely for a just cause; rise gallantly to the occasion
act bravely for a just cause
rise gallantly to the occasion

intelligent and brave; brave and sagacious; wisdom and bravery
intelligent and brave
brave and sagacious
wisdom and bravery

brave warrior; fierce soldier; valiant fighter
brave warrior
fierce soldier
valiant fighter

strong and brave; brave and persistent
strong and brave
brave and persistent

valiant and brave; ferocious and intrepid; fierce and courageous
valiant and brave
ferocious and intrepid
fierce and courageous

brave and fierce; fierce and intrepid; fearless and adventurous
brave and fierce
fierce and intrepid
fearless and adventurous

tough and strong; brave and strong
tough and strong
brave and strong

brave heroine; termagant woman
brave heroine
termagant woman

brave appearance; majestic appearance
brave appearance
majestic appearance

brave and doughty; intrepid and valiant
brave and doughty
intrepid and valiant

brave and fierce; valiant and powerful
brave and fierce
valiant and powerful

fearless; dauntless; unafraid; without fear
without fear

bright and brave; martial bearing; mighty in spirit; valiant and heroic
bright and brave
martial bearing
mighty in spirit
valiant and heroic

elite; brave and superior person; person of outstanding talent; person with courage and ability
brave and superior person
person of outstanding talent
person with courage and ability

spirit of martyr; spirit of the brave departed
spirit of martyr
spirit of the brave departed

formidable leader; fierce and ambitious figure; ambitious and ruthless character; unscrupulous, brave and capable person
formidable leader
fierce and ambitious figure
ambitious and ruthless character
unscrupulous, brave and capable person

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