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the rear surface of the body;
return to an earlier or normal position or condition

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to return; go back to; give back to
to return
go back to
give back to

to return; back; go back
to return
go back

to return; be back; go back; get back; come back
to return
be back
go back
get back
come back

go home; homeward; come home; return home
go home
come home
return home

turn round; turn one's head; repent before it is too late
turn round
turn one's head
repent before it is too late

look back; retrospect, retrospection; review the past; think back to a particular event or time
look back
to retrospect
review the past
think back to a particular event or time

rise again; return to power; stage a comeback; success after failure; resume former superiority
rise again
return to power
stage a comeback
success after failure
resume former superiority

recover, recovery; come back; go and return; repeat; return to normal or original state
come back
go and return
return to normal or original state

revival; revive; come back to former glory or prosperity
to revive
come back to former glory or prosperity

revive; resurrect; resurrection; bring back to life; restore from dead to life
bring back to life
restore from dead to life

round trip; go to and fro; come and go; go there and back; travel to and fro between
round trip
go to and fro
come and go
go there and back
travel to and fro between

hit back; fight back; strike back; counter-attack
hit back
fight back
strike back

back, behind; come after
back, behind
come after

offstage; backstage; behind the scenes
behind the scenes

pushing hands; backstage driving force
pushing hands
backstage driving force

the back of the body; the backside, reverse side
the back of the body
the backside, reverse side

sight of one's back; view of somebody's back; figure viewed from behind
sight of one's back
view of somebody's back
figure viewed from behind

carry on the back
carry on the back

tail, rear, back; last, final, remaining
tail, rear, back
last, final, remaining

but; step back; decline, refuse
step back
to decline, refuse

turn back; to fold, bend; to break, snap
turn back
to fold, bend
to break, snap

return; come back; turn back
to return
come back
turn back

accept, receive; gather, collect; draw together; retrieve, get back
to accept, receive
to gather, collect
to draw together
to retrieve, get back

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