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assist, assistance
help someone by doing a share of the work;
the action of helping someone by sharing work

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assist, assistance (1-character)





assist; assistance; help and support; provide assistance; share of the work
assist; assistance
help and support
provide assistance
share of the work

mutual cooperation; mutual assistance and cooperation; helping each other to achieve a goal
mutual cooperation
mutual assistance and cooperation
helping each other to achieve a goal

to aid; help; assist
to aid
to help
to assist

to support; help with money; support with money; provide financial assistance
to support
help with money
support with money
provide financial assistance

help; assist
to help
to assist

ask for help; seek for help; request for assistance
ask for help
seek for help
request for assistance

to succor; give relief; assistance and support in times of hardship and distress
to succor
give relief
assistance and support
in times of hardship and distress

aid, help; assistance
aid, help

to back; support and aid; provide assistance
to back
support and aid
provide assistance

support; come out in favor of
come out in favor of

auxiliary; to assist
to assist

counseling, guidance, assistance


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