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very eager to do something;

feeling or showing worry, nervousness,
or unease about something with an uncertain outcome

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to worry; be anxious
to worry
be anxious

anxious, hurry, worry; urgent, hurried, pressing
anxious, hurry, worry
urgent, hurried, pressing

panic, nervous; in a flurry; flurried, flustered; agitated, nervous, or anxious
panic, nervous
in a flurry
flurried, flustered
agitated, nervous, or anxious

worried, anxious, uneasy; sad, grieved
worried, anxious, uneasy
sad, grieved

eager, anxious; impulsive, palpitating
eager, anxious
impulsive, palpitating

cautious, careful, prudent; vigilant, fearful, anxious; exercise caution and discipline
cautious, careful, prudent
vigilant, fearful, anxious
exercise caution and discipline

anxious; melancholy, heavy-hearted; depressed and discontented
melancholy, heavy-hearted
depressed and discontented

anxious and fearful; worried and scared
anxious and fearful
worried and scared

irresolute; anxious, agitated and indecisive
anxious, agitated and indecisive

anxious, disturbed
anxious, disturbed

nervous; worried and anxious
worried and anxious

worry about; be concerned about; feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems
worry about
be concerned about
feel anxious or troubled about
actual or potential problems

miss somebody; worry about somebody; feel concern or anxious about someone or something
miss somebody
worry about somebody
feel concern or anxious
about someone or something

to relax; ease up; become less tense or anxious
to relax
ease up
become less tense or anxious

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