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against (1-character)

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against (Chinese words)

against; contrary; opposite; opposed to
opposed to

go against; opposite, inverse; contrary, against
go against
opposite, inverse
contrary, against

betray; revolt against; mutiny, insurrection
to betray
revolt against
mutiny, insurrection

to against; prop up; press something against
to against
prop up
press something against

defend against
defend against

defend, prevent; protect, guard against
to defend, prevent
to protect, guard against

go against; revolt against
go against
revolt against

hate; anger against
to hate
anger against

enemy; to match, oppose; turn against; adverse, hostile
to match, oppose
turn against
adverse, hostile

to attack; send an expedition against
to attack
send an expedition against

launch a punitive attack against
launch a punitive attack against

go upstream; against the current
go upstream
against the current

to warn, admonish; take precaution against
to warn, admonish
take precaution against

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