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move forwards in a purposeful way;

a development or improvement

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to advance; press onward; push forward; drive on boldly
to advance
press onward
push forward
drive on boldly

to advance; proceed; go forward; forge ahead; stride forward
to advance
to proceed
go forward
forge ahead
stride forward

forge ahead; stride forward; march forward; advance with big strides
forge ahead
stride forward
march forward
advance with big strides

advance gradually; progress step by step; make gradual progress
advance gradually
progress step by step
make gradual progress

to advance; proceed; carry out
to advance
to proceed
carry out

progress; headway; development; advancement

attack courageously; advance assiduously; move forwards purposefully
attack courageously
advance assiduously
move forwards purposefully

advance bravely; march fearlessly onward; march forward courageously
advance bravely
march fearlessly onward
march forward courageously

to enhance; promote; advance
to enhance
to promote
to advance

fly over; advancing rapidly; leaps and bounds
fly over
advancing rapidly
leaps and bounds

beforehand, in advance
beforehand, in advance

arrange in advance; prepare beforehand
arrange in advance
prepare beforehand

pay or advance money while expecting reimbursement
pay or advance money
while expecting reimbursement

ahead; first, in advance
first, in advance

front guard; advance guard
front guard
advance guard

civilization; a society reaches an advanced stage of social development
a society reaches an
advanced stage of social development

to advance; promote
to advance
to promote

to approach; advance to
to approach
advance to

propagate, advance and enrich
propagate, advance and enrich

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