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as, like, similar to; such as, according to
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are the same!)

The meanings in Chinese:

as, like

similar to

such as

according to

related keywords:
like, as
according to

pronunciation: ru~2

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recommended words or phrases:

as one wishes, according to one's wishes, good fortune as one wishes, good luck and happiness to you
as one wishes
according to one's wishes
good fortune as one wishes
good luck and happiness to you

good fortune as one wishes, fortunes and wishes come true, luckiness and happiness to you
good fortune as one wishes
fortunes and wishes come true
luckiness and happiness to you

Good luck in everything, May all go well with you, Everything is as one wishes, May everything go as you hope
Good luck in everything.
May all go well with you.
Everything is as one wishes.
May everything go as you hope.

utmost satisfaction, happy and contented, in accord with one's wishes, have something as one wishes, very gratifying and satisfactory
utmost satisfaction
happy and contented
in accord with one's wishes
have something as one wishes
very gratifying and satisfactory

have what one wishes, getting what one wants, gratifying and satisfactory, everything one could wish, give one the utmost satisfaction, just in accordance with one's wish
have what one wishes
getting what one wants
gratifying and satisfactory
everything one could wish
give one the utmost satisfaction
just in accordance with one's wish

if, what if, in case, supposing
what if
in case

Buddha, Tathagata

peaceful and easy, leisurely and carefree, quiet and comfortable
peaceful and easy
leisurely and carefree
quiet and comfortable

Life is like a dream
Life is like a dream.

life is a theater; Life is like a drama
life is a theater
Life is like a drama.

always the same, love with one heart, one heart throughout, remained the same all along, consistent from beginning to end
always the same
love with one heart
one heart throughout
remained the same all along
consistent from beginning to end

follow good advice readily, willingly follow what is right, forge ahead in doing what is right - like water following its downward course
follow good advice readily
willingly follow what is right
forge ahead in doing what is right
(like water following its downward course)

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