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to report, notify, inform, announce; requite, reciprocate, recompense; a newspaper
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traditional Chinese text:

simplified Chinese text:

(The way of strokes are different!)

simplified Chinese symbol: to report, notify, inform, announce; requite, reciprocate, recompense; a newspaper
(simplified Chinese symbol)

The meanings in Chinese:

to report

to notify

to inform

to announce

to requite

to reciprocate

to recompense

a newspaper

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related keyword:



pronunciation: bào bao~4

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calligraphic strokes animation:

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recommended words or phrases:

report success, announce good news
report success
announce good news

requite favors, repay kindness, pay a debt of gratitude
requite favors
repay kindness
pay a debt of gratitude

karma, retribution, instant karma, deserved fate, just punishment
instant karma
deserved fate
just punishment

karma, retribution, the retribution for good or evil deeds
the retribution for good or evil deeds

good karma, reward for good deeds, Virtue has its reward
good karma
reward for good deeds
Virtue has its reward.

repay, requite, payback; report back, return for report
to repay
to requite
to payback
to report back
to return for report

return good for evil, render good for evil, repay evil with kindness, heap coals of fire on one's head
return good for evil
render good for evil
repay evil with kindness
heap coals of fire on one's head

information, intelligence reports
intelligence reports

victory bulletin, news of victory, report of a success
victory bulletin
news of victory
report of a success

alarm, siren

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