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Over 12,000 traditional Chinese symbols/words are artistic and literary resource for any creative design, each single character containing traditional calligraphic strokes animation, audio pronunciation, combination to multi-character words, classic phrases, idioms, mottos, quotations, and simplified format currently used in China. It's a useful reference for Chinese learning, art design, web creation, and tattoo. Any question about the use of Chinese symbols? you are welcome to Contact with Andres Leo via: CLICK HERE to join as Andres' FB friends!
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20111001 capable person; competent person view details >>
20110425 win by surprise;
win victory through unexpected moves
view details >>
20110418 telepathy view details >>
20110411 to shoulder heavy responsibilities;
the burden is heavy and the road is long
view details >>
20110404 to act heroically; never to hesitate to do what is righteous;
have the courage to do what is right regardless the consequences
view details >>
20110328 Teamwork, Cooperate as a team view details >>
20110322 Service begets happiness;
Happiness lies in rendering help to others
view details >>
20110314 revive an old dream;
reproduce the good old days
view details >>
20110307 happy in doing good for charity;
willing to do good and give help to the poor
view details >>
20110228 Time Traveler view details >>
20110221 The modest receive benefit, while the conceited reap failure.
Benefit goes to the humble, while failure awaits the arrogant.
(good for design of Humble or Modest)
view details >>
20110214 remain faithful until death
(good for design of LOVE or Loyalty)
view details >>
20110208 complete meeting of minds between two people
(good for Valentine's Day design!)
view details >>
20110201 Good Wishes Come True in Rabbit Year view details >>
20110126 Forever In My Heart view details >>
20110120 May the Force Be With You view details >>
20110112 FOREVER;
view details >>
20110106 reconcile oneself to any situation view details >>
20110102 Crisis is Opportunity view details >>
20110101 New Hope 2011 view details >>

Andres Leo's Chinese Words Newsletters - Get newly updated Chinese symbols and lessons.
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