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a hot drink made by infusing
the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water


tea leaf; dried leaves of tea
tea leaf
dried leaves of tea

tea egg; marbled tea egg; boiled egg in tea
tea egg
marbled tea egg
boiled egg in tea

tea tree, tea plant, tea shrub
tea tree
tea plant
tea shrub

tea garden; tea plantation
tea garden
tea plantation

tea bag
tea bag

teacup; Istikan tea cup
Istikan tea cup

teapot, teakettle

sado, chado, the Way of Tea, Japanese tea ceremony
sado, chado
the Way of Tea
Japanese tea ceremony

drink tea; tea drinking
drink tea
tea drinking

drink tea, yum cha, dim sum
drink tea
yum cha
dim sum

green tea
green tea

black tea
black tea

oolong tea
oolong tea

jasmine tea, green tea with jasmine scent
jasmine tea
green tea with jasmine scent

to infuse, steep tea
to infuse, steep (tea)

make tea, steep tea, infusion of tea
make tea
steep tea
infusion of tea

make tea, draw tea, tea infusion, brew up tea, infusion of tea
make tea
draw tea
tea infusion
brew up tea
infusion of tea

pour tea
pour tea

refill of serving coffee, tea, wine
(of serving coffee, tea, wine)

good tea, tender tea leaves
good tea
tender tea leaves

thin coffee, tea
thin (coffee, tea)

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