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solemn (1-character)

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solemn (Chinese words)

solemn promise (Chinese words)

respectful, solemn, serious
solemn, serious

solemn, reverent
solemn, reverent

solemn, serious
solemn, serious

stern, strict; stringent, severe; solemn, rigorous, dignified
stern, strict
stringent, severe
solemn, rigorous, dignified

solemn, dignified, noble; venerable, majestic, regal, distinguished
solemn, dignified, noble
venerable, majestic, regal, distinguished

sincerely, solemnly, careful, cautious, discreet, prudent
sincerely, solemnly
careful, cautious, discreet, prudent

solemnity, prosperous, thriving, intense
prosperous, thriving, intense

solemn, forma, serious
solemn, forma, serious

solemn and just; serious and principled
solemn and just
serious and principled

serious, grave, solemn, sedate, cautious, chary, discreet, punctilious, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed
serious, grave, solemn, sedate
cautious, chary, discreet, punctilious
quiet, tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed

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