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prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia

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Chinese words for
Love, passion, affection, sentiment

tender feelings; tender passion; tender affection; soft and sentimental
tender feelings
tender passion
tender affection
soft and sentimental

sentimental; relieve the emotions; express one's feelings
relieve the emotions
express one's feelings

sentimental; romantic nature; full of affection
romantic nature
full of affection

over-sentimental; affection-instigating; tearfully sentimental
tearfully sentimental

foolishly amorous; unreasoning passion; sentimentally or foolishly amorous
foolishly amorous
unreasoning passion
sentimentally or foolishly amorous

linger on; hold addicted; stay fascinated; infatuated with; sentimentally attached to
linger on
hold addicted
stay fascinated
infatuated with
sentimentally attached to

deeply attached to each other; loath to part from each other
deeply attached to each other
loath to part from each other

conjugal love; love each other
conjugal love
love each other

love each other devotedly; dear to each other intimately; attached to each other deeply
love each other devotedly
dear to each other intimately
attached to each other deeply

nostalgia; homesickness

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