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satisfactory (idioms)

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satisfactory (Chinese words)
satisfied (Chinese words)

acme of perfection
well done to perfection
satisfactory and perfect
perfect in every respect

a win-win solution
achieve both goals
everybody is satisfied
the best of both worlds
complete in both respects
accommodate both demands

perfectly satisfactory
acme of perfection
very perfection of beauty
best of all possible worlds
good and beautiful perfectly

All satisfied.
Everybody is happy.
Everybody is satisfied.
satisfaction of to all

provide good service
thoughtful and satisfactory service
feel at home by the courteous service

Contentment brings happiness.
Happiness consists in contentment.
He who is contented is always happy.

have what one wishes
getting what one wants
gratifying and satisfactory
everything one could wish
give one the utmost satisfaction
just in accordance with one's wish

utmost satisfaction
happy and contented
in accord with one's wishes
have something as one wishes
very gratifying and satisfactory

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