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do or give something as recompense
for a favour or kindness received

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repay, pay back, compensate, make restitution
to repay
pay back
to compensate
make restitution

to return, give back; repay, pay back
to return, give back
to repay, pay back

to requite, reciprocate, recompense
to requite
to reciprocate
to recompense

repay, requite, payback
to repay
to requite
to payback

requite favors; repay kindness; pay a debt of gratitude
requite favors
repay kindness
pay a debt of gratitude

return good for evil, render good for evil, repay evil with kindness, heap coals of fire on one's head
return good for evil
render good for evil
repay evil with kindness
heap coals of fire on one's head

reward, requite, thank with a gift, return a favor to, appropriate return, repay with thanks
to reward
to requite
thank with a gift
return a favor to
appropriate return
repay with thanks

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