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matchless (Chinese words)

to pair, match, fit, suit
to mate
be qualified as

to pair up
to match up
make a pair

perfect match
two of a kind

to fit
to match
to cooperate
coordinate with

to match
to pair up
to collocate
place together
arrange in pairs

to match

to pair, match, marry
draw together, gather together
a mate
(classic literary symbol)

to match
to contrast
to compare

young female matchmaker

happy match
harmonious match
good karma of love

mutual sentiments
consensually fond of
resonance between two lovers
sentiments between two lovers
deeply attached to each other

God's lovers
an ideal couple
a wonderful match
lovers matched by God

a heaven-made match
a match blessed by God
a match made in heaven

long distance destined marriage
thousands of miles marriage accompany
two beings destined to marry each other
a fate match across a thousand miles is drawn by a thread
people a thousand miles apart may be linked by marriage

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