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come together; assemble or accumulate;
bring together and take in from scattered places

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gather together







collect, gather; get together; a set, collection
to collect, gather
get together
a set, collection

collect; gather; gather together a number of things
gather together a number of things

collection; a group of things that have been gathered as a hobby or investment
a group of things that have been
gathered as a hobby or investment

gains; harvest; fruit of efforts; gather in the crops
fruit of efforts
gather in the crops

collect, gather, compile; collection, album, anthology
to collect, gather, compile
collection, album, anthology

pool together; collect, gather
pool together
collect, gather

gather, assemble; collect, store up; come together, get together
to gather, assemble
to collect, store up
come together, get together

gather around; hold in arms; to hug, embrace
gather around
hold in arms
to hug, embrace

hold together; gather into a bundle
hold together
gather into a bundle

to knead; gather; cohere; assemble; agglomerate; collect together
to knead
to gather
to cohere
to assemble
to agglomerate
collect together

to gather; extract; take with fingers
to gather
to extract
take with fingers

collect, gather; select, pluck
to collect, gather
to select, pluck

combine; unite; gather; suit
to combine
to unite
to gather
to suit

gather, collect; draw together; retrieve, get back
to gather, collect
draw together
to retrieve, get back

friend; companion; gather; together

to gather; draw together
to gather
draw together

to gather, concentrate; powerful, vigorous, sturdy
to gather, concentrate
powerful, vigorous, sturdy

to seek; gather; madder
to seek
to gather

pick up; collect, gather
pick up
to collect, gather

to pick, collect, gather
to pick, collect, gather

to collect, gather
to collect, gather

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