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evil spirits
(multi-character Chinese words)

evil spirits (see 1-character Chinese symbols)

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spirit, soul

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Chinese words for Fantasy, Legend, Mystery

monster, evil spirit, goblin, demon, bogy, bogle, spectre
evil spirit

evil spirits, seductive sprites
evil spirits
seductive sprites

demons and monsters, all sorts of evil spirits
demons and monsters
all sorts of evil spirits

to exorcise, exorcise a demon, cleanse an evil spirit
to exorcise
exorcise a demon
cleanse an evil spirit

drive out evil spirit, eliminate evil factors
drive out evil spirit
eliminate evil factors

imp; little devil; small evil spirit; mischievous child
little devil
small evil spirit
mischievous child

devil; demon; evil spirit
evil spirit

demon of temptation; temptation of vile karma; evil spirit induced in meditation
demon of temptation
temptation of vile karma
evil spirit induced in meditation

evil creature; vile spawn
evil creature
vile spawn

ward off evils; exorcise evil spirits; counteract evil force; protect against evil spirits
ward off evils
exorcise evil spirits
counteract evil force
protect against evil spirits

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