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to enjoy
to relish

to enjoy
to relish

live comfortably
enjoy the blessing

enjoy the happiness
live a life of pleasure

to relish
bon app├ętit
enjoy the use of
enjoy the taste of
take pleasure from

Enjoy it.
bon appetit
enjoy your meal

to share
enjoy together

to feast
to enjoy
(classic literary symbol)

gourmet's luck
enjoyment of the palate
luck in having good food

enjoy drinking
happy hour
drink with great joviality

fun trip
enjoy a trip
enjoy a sightseeing tour

to admire
to enjoy
to appreciate

revel in
drunk with
infatuated with
enchanted with
enjoy oneself in

indulge oneself
content one's heart
set oneself free
enjoy the pleasure of

very joyful

feeling well
physical comfort

lovely night
beautiful night
enjoyable night

make merry while one can
enjoy pleasure in good time

find pleasure in it
enjoying the moment

Since you are here you'd better relax.
Since we have come, let us stay and enjoy it.
Since we are here, we may as well stay and make the best of it.

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