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elegant demeanor

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elegant, elegance (Chinese words)

graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
dashing appearance
prepossessing manners

fine deportment
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor
refined appearance

graceful bearing
elegant demeanor

good example
graceful bearing
elegant demeanor

elegance and talent
brilliance and elegance
intellectual brilliance and elegance

beauty with magnificent style
unparalleled elegance and talent
unsurpassed beauty of a generation
peerless intellectual brilliance and elegance
unmatched manner and deportment in generation

elegant demeanor
amorous appearance
flirtatious expressions

dance lightly

graceful and poised
elegant and poised
composed and dignified

graceful and generous
composed and tolerant
elegant and magnanimous
tolerant magnanimous mind

graceful looks
aesthetic appearance
elegant and tasteful
pleasant to the eye

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