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effort, efforts

exert oneself
make efforts

try hard
great effort

to endeavor
to strive for
make efforts in
devoted oneself to
bend one's efforts for

do one's utmost
spare no efforts
working as hard as possible

exert oneself
do all one can
work hard willingly

strenuous efforts
painstaking efforts
work at one's upmost
great efforts to achieve

hard work
arduous effort
laborious effort
painstaking efforts

forge ahead with effort
eager to make progress

make progress mightily
knowledge progression
go forward determinately

great strength
great exertion
force vigorously
push energetically
exert great efforts

one heart
concerted efforts
make concerted efforts
together with one heart

fruit of efforts
gather in the crops

physical exertion

take seriously
put in time and effort

Human effort is the decisive factor.
Human effort can achieve anything.
It all depends on human effort.

Diligence makes up for deficiency.

start from scratch
from rags to riches
rise in life by one's own efforts

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