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ease, leisure
relaxed, restful, unhurried

to express
to ease, relieve
to lighten, unburden
(classic literary symbol)

to relieve
to alleviate
to ease (pressure)


feel at ease
peace of mind
free from anxiety

feel at ease
be be relieved
have peace of mind

peaceful and happy
ease and happiness

go with the flow
reconcile oneself to any situation
at ease with one's current situation
feel at ease under all circumstances

fully at ease
peaceful in mind
cool and composed

natural world
at one’s ease

leave the matter as it is
take the world as it is
let nature take its own course

free and easy
easy and comfortable

feeling well
physical comfort

free from anxiety
feel easy in mind
set one's mind at ease

free and easy
take one's ease
leisurely and carefree
free and unrestrained

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