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control the operations of;
with no one or nothing in between;
without intervening factors or intermediaries

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conduct, guide, lead, teach, instruct
to conduct
to guide, lead
to teach, instruct

director of a play, movie; to direct a play, movie
director of a play, movie
to direct (a play, movie, etc.)

navigate; navigation
to navigate

to lead; guide; conduct; to show the way to a group of people, animals, vehicles by going in front of them
to lead
to guide
to conduct
to show the way to a group of people,
animals, vehicles by going in front of them

guide, lead, direct, lean toward, inclined toward
to guide
to lead
to direct
lean toward
inclined toward

be in charge of, control, direct, manage, insist, persist in, maintain unyieldingly
be in charge of
to control, direct, manage
to insist, persist in
maintain unyieldingly

to direct, conduct, command; director, conductor, commander
to direct
to conduct
to command

to wave, wield, direct, command
to wave, wield
to direct, command

to instruct; order; direct
to instruct
to order
to direct

director, trustee, to direct, superintend, oversee, supervise
director, trustee
to direct, superintend
to oversee, supervise

directly, straightaway
directly, straightaway

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