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snow, snowy, snow-white, avenge, wipe out grievance
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:


snowy, snow-white

to avenge

wipe out grievance

Xue, Chinese surname
Chinese Surnames Collection

related keywords:
wipe out

pronunciation: xuě xue~3

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recommended words or phrases:


snowflakes, flake of snow
flake of snow

avalanche, snow slide
snow slide


sleigh, sled, sledge
sled, sledge

snow-white, as white as snow
as white as snow

snow leopard
snow leopard

snow lion
snow lion

take avenge, wreak vengeance, avenge one's grudge, wipe away the old hatred
take avenge
wreak vengeance
avenge one's grudge
wipe away the old hatred

revenge an insult, blot out a disgrace, wipe out a humiliation
revenge an insult
blot out a disgrace
wipe out a humiliation

ski, skiing
to ski

exonerate, rehabilitate, right wrongs, wipe out a disgrace
to exonerate
to rehabilitate
to right wrongs
wipe out a disgrace

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