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close, turn off, switch off, cut out, shut off, relate, customhouse, gateway, juncture, frontier juncture, strategic pass
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

to close

turn off, switch off

cut out, shut off

to relate


gateway, juncture

frontier juncture, strategic pass

Guan, Chinese surname
Chinese Surnames Collection

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pronunciation: guān guan~1

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recommended words or phrases:

concern, care about
to concern
care about

care, solicitude, concern about, loving care for
to care
to solicitude
concern about
loving care for

affectionate, loving care for, care and cherish, concern and love
loving care for
care and cherish
concern and love

close a door, shut the door, close-down, cease business
close a door
shut the door
cease business

turn off the light
turn off the light

shut down, turn off computer, machine, cell phone
shut down
turn off
(computer, machine, cell phone)

correlate, correlation, connected between
to correlate
connected between

relation, relationship, connection

crux, key factor, crucial point
key factor
crucial point

key moment, critical moment
key moment
critical moment

linchpin, key person, pivotal figure
key person
pivotal figure

switch, power switch, switch button
power switch
switch button

related to, interrelated, connected, correlated with
related to
correlated with

isolate oneself for meditation, seclude oneself for monastic practice
isolate oneself for meditation
seclude oneself for monastic practice

clear a stage (game), cross a barrier, pass through the trial, get through an ordeal
clear a stage (game)
cross a barrier
pass through the trial
get through an ordeal
go through a critical test

pass challenges, force a breakthrough, overcome a barricade
pass challenges
force a breakthrough
overcome a barricade
crash through a barrier
battling through difficulties

gate of hell, jaws of death, fatal and danger spot
gate of hell
jaws of death
fatal and danger spot

Eight Chinese Characters 八字
Convert your Birth Year, Month, Day, Hour into
Eight Chinese Characters 八字 in lunar calendar,
- Heavenly Stem 天干 and Earthly Branch 地支 -
used in traditional Chinese horoscope, matchmaking, fortune telling

Example for the Eight Chinese Characters 八字

Eight Chinese Characters 八字
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