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solve, explain, realize, understand, relieve, solution, untie, unfasten
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Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

to solve, explain

solution of problem

realize, understand

to relieve oneself

to untie, unfasten, separate

Xie, Hsieh, Chinese surname
Chinese Surnames Collection

related keywords:
solve, solution

pronunciation: jiě jie~3

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recommended words or phrases:

liberate, liberation, emancipate, emancipation
to liberate
to emancipate

extricate oneself, disentangle oneself, free from encumbrance
extricate oneself
disentangle oneself
free from encumbrance

save, rescue, extricate, redeem from
to save
to rescue
to extricate
redeem from

save from danger, rescue from awkward situation
save from danger
rescue from awkward situation

answer, solution of problem
solution of problem

explain, explanation, expound, interpret, interpretation
to explain
to expound
to interpret

interpret, interpretation, decipher, decrypt
to decipher
to decrypt
to interpret

oneirocriticism, interpret a dream
interpret a dream
dream interpretation

solve a puzzle, puzzle solving, riddle solving
solve a puzzle
puzzle solving
riddle solving

disabuse, dispel doubts, clear up confusion
to disabuse
dispel doubts
clear up confusion

allay sorrow, assuage grief, relieve anxiety
allay sorrow
assuage grief
relieve anxiety

solve, settle, resolve, straighten out
to solve
to settle
to resolve
straighten out

antidote, a cure for, a remedy for
a cure for
a remedy for

dissect, dissection, anatomize, anatomy
to dissect
to anatomize

resolve, reconcile, settle disputes
to resolve
to reconcile
settle disputes

relieve, alleviate, ease pressure
to relieve
to alleviate
to ease (pressure)

dissolve, solution
to dissolve

understand, comprehend, apprehend
to understand
to comprehend
to apprehend

understand, understanding, comprehension
to understand

understanding, sympathetic awareness, tolerant sympathetically
sympathetic awareness
tolerant sympathetically
make allowance for

break a code, crack the code, solve a enigma, riddle
break a code
crack the code
solve a enigma, riddle

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