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tie, knot, form

Chinese text:

The meanings in Chinese:

to tie, knit, knot

a knot

to form, congeal

to end, conclude

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pronunciation: jie~2

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recommended words or phrases:

making friends
form ties of relationship
associate on good connection
lay the basis for future relationship

to combine
to associate
to integrate
get united
form an alliance
get married

to marry
get married

strong and sturdy
muscular and healthy
to fructify, bear fruit

to fructify, bear fruit

to blossom and bear fruit
to flower and bear fruit
to yield positive results

travel together
keep company
go in the company of

to ally
form an alliance


to crystallize

sworn brothers or sisters
pledge in a sworn relationship

sworn brothers

link with
connect with
join together
hyperlink to

to unite
to unify

sincere solidarity
united in good faith

Hearts united together forever.
May you always Be of one heart.
Keep true lover's knot forever.

Chinese knot

a bow
bow tie

to end
to finish
to closure
to conclude

to end
to terminate
to conclude


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